DISCOVER! How Shippers Can Keep Their

Employees Safe During This Pandemic

With These Simple CONTACTLESS and SOCIAL DISTANCING Shipping Methods.

(While Saving Millions in Freight Costs...)

Dear Shipper,

In the next 5 minutes, I'll let you in on how I saved shippers hundreds of thousands of dollars with a few simple adjustments.

During my many years in the transportation industry, I've been personally in charge of finding ways to make our business more efficient and economical. And I’ve learned some ugly truths about our industry…
Dear Shipper,

In the next 5 minutes, I'll let you in on how I saved shippers hundreds of thousands of dollars with a few simple adjustments during the times we are in right now and also in the past.

During my many years in the transportation industry, I've been personally in charge of finding ways to make our business more efficient and economical. And I’ve learned some ugly truths about our industry…
The ugly truth is that many shippers are operating with outdated systems and methods, which bleed money from companies - sometimes up to six figures a year! This is money that you’re literally burning due to old technology, and older machinery.

To stop the hemorrhage: Position yourself ahead of the curve … No Matter What Comes at You! (Even Covid-19)

Achieve maximum efficiency for your yard. 

Our systems are innovative and state-of-the-art. We use cloud-based software to give you full visibility over your docks, as well as promoting social distancing, which is critical during the COVID-19 crisis.

The software works on tablets, PC and Mac, which allow you to track loads in your yard with the highest accuracy. Everything runs digitally and contactless. This promotes social distancing and avoids any cross-contamination.

Who can Benefit from Our System?

  • Shippers who are looking to MAXIMIZE load efficiency
  • Shippers looking to stay safe and OPERATIONAL during the pandemic and even after.
  • Shippers who have tried everything to keep operating costs low, but have failed!
  • Shippers who need to make a change and START SAVING MONEY AND TIME
  • ​Shippers who want intense assistance, (we only help a few shippers at a time to allow for maximum guidance)
Let Me Show You How 
I Can Make These Bold Statements...

Light Weight Equipment

Traditional trailers can carry a load max of 45,000 lbs for shipping; but with our lightweight equipment you can load up to 50,000 lbs or two extra pallets easily!

These savings mean you actually get your 11th Load Free when you ship with us!

Plus achieve:


A Glance at Our Equipment Capacities

57 ft. Extra Long Trailers = 
2 Extra Pallets Every Load!

Our 57 ft. trailers are available for dedicated operations to maximize your freight efficiency.* 
That means you can ship an extra 2 pallets for specialized operations, versus what you get on a traditional 53 ft trailer.  Again, saving you money for the same miles, and increasing your load efficiency.

*Where state laws permit

Specialized Equipment

with our Roller Bed Power Take- Off Trailers.
Our roller bed trailers are excellent for loading and unloading large loads quickly and easily without the safety risk and labor costs associated with manually loading a trailer. 
  • Greater Transport Safety: Trucks with roller beds are by far the best way to transport goods locally and across state lines. Roller bed technology is safe and efficient, with slightly angled trailers designed to maintain the cargo’s center of balance. When trucks are in motion, the rollers lower so cargo sits on a flat, friction-heavy surface, keeping your goods in place for the entire trip.
  • Faster Loading & Unloading: Our trailers lend themselves to fast loading and unloading. Because goods can simply be rolled up and into the trailer, and the bed angled to gently slide products out of the trailer, drivers are able to cut their dock times in half. 

We have both Power on and Power Off Roller Beds to reduce the dock time with no or minimal social contact!

We will take your yard and turn it into a
money making machine. 

All during this pandemic with automatic, contactless, and social distancing systems.

Touchless Systems
With our state-of-the-art Yard Management System you can see what's going in your yard without ever leaving your desk. This means reduced contact, and reduced chance of spreading any type of germs or virus, and a safer, healthier environment. It also means continuity of operations - no down time or shut downs and keep your employees safe and healthy.
Never Leave your Desk
You will have full visibility of your docks at all times. You can monitor which trailers are loaded, which are unloaded; and the ones that have been sitting for too long! Our system will automatically notify you - Hey, let's get your trailer moving!
Save up to 12% on Annual Shipping Costs
These systems and technologies, along with our highly skilled team can help you manage your yard like a well-oiled machine. Our specialized business solutions will help you save money and become more efficient. One example - help in managing your Shuttle Services to your local customers.

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We can operate your current warehouse for you or if you're thinking on getting one, we can procure one on your behalf, find a warehouse and lease it and operate it as your profitable distribution center.

All of our innovative systems listed above, all go hand in hand with our Yard Management System, spotting services, load tendering, light weight equipment, power take off roller bed trailers and so much more. 

If we're operating your warehouse, we will maximize your efficiencies through the roof. 

All Our Systems That I mentioned Above Are Contactless and Provide Physical and Social Distancing (Automatically)

Right now shippers have a choice to make:

You can continue to operate as you have been -- potentially losing hundreds of thousands of dollars to inefficient ways of yard maintenance and old-fashioned equipment; 


You can adopt a modern, innovative, and super-efficient way of operating that has the potential to save you thousands of dollars a year, effectively plugging holes you may not have known existed in your system while keeping your employees safe. It will strongly help your operation continue to thrive in the face of this pandemic!

If you’re ready to join the ranks of other shippers who have kept their business safe during this time while saving money and time with these methods, we want to talk to you. 

So, if you're ready to save millions 
on operational costs while Keeping 
Your Employees Safe!
Here is how to get started.

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I can't wait to help you save more money, keep your employees safe, ship better and maximize your load capacities with us. 

Travis Smith

COO, Fleetmaster Express & Englander Transportation

P.S. - It's not the strongest who survives, it's most the adaptable one! Our companies have invested in themselves to provide top quality customer service. We are constantly striving to discover new ways to bring value and to keep that momentum going in your business. I have shared some of them with you above. Let me help you hit that next level in your shipping experience and costs. Please fill the form and my team will be in touch with you!